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Tianfeng International Securities Group Co., Ltd. is a wholy-owned subsidiary of Tianfeng Securities Co., Ltd. in Hong Kong. Tianfeng International Securities Group and its subsidiaries are collectively referred to as “Tianfeng International” and hold the No. 4 (advice on securities), No. 5 (advice on futures) and No. 9 (asset management) businesses issued by the Hong Kong Securities Regulatory Commission license.

Type 1 & 2 licenses will be obtained through the acquisition of a local HK dealer which is currently in progress.

Our Focus

To build strategic relationships between allocators and investment managers.

identifying suitable acquisition based on TF Securities local knowledge.

leveraging our in-house expertise across Investment Bank as well Regulatory connections.

Our Mission

To leverage these opportunities and be a point of contact for international investors to better understand how to access the marketplace.

Find investible opportunities that suits their risk profile to be the conduit by which investible ideas are channelled between TF Securities in the mainland andthe international marketplace.

To leverage the Onshore platform across Investment Banking and M&A to create one access point for bringingChina to the international marketplace.

Why China?

The world’s 2nd largest economy and a close 3rd in bond market size, the 2nd largest insurance market since 2016 and the largest pool of cash savings since 2017.
With 16% of global economy yet only 3% of market capitalisation, China has the highest equity market capitalisation growth prospects with Forward Earnings of 13 times vs 17 for MSCI World Index improving access via ‘the Connects’ – Equity, Bond and ETF.
An improving economy as well as structural changes from smokestacks toI smartphones is a tailwind for companies in a broad range of industries from IT to consumer good to financial services.
In 2007, mainland mutual fund assets were at $450bn. By 2017 that number has quadrupled to $1.8trn. And by 2030 that number is expected to see a further increase to $17trn, comparable to where the US was in the 1990’s.
The Chinese market is already behaving like a safe haven - its low correlation with other markets as well as its low internal volatility – coupled with its high yields makes it an attraction proposition already.
A weighting of 5.50% by 2020 for CGB will direct ~USD40bn of flow per percentage point of weighting into China. Imagine what a 10% allocation by international portfolios would do to Mainland yields compared to the re-weighting that will take place within Developed markets.
China’s One Belt One Road program is heralded as the Marshall Plan of the 21st Century. It’s economic impact on Asia will be material with China the key beneficiary.

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