Research Team

Top Ranked Research Team

With a diverse team of analysts from different fields, which includes nearly 200 research analysts, we observe the market from the various perspectives of macro, strategy and industry specific and corporate coverage from the full industrial chain. We partner with and serve clients from government-owned entities, industry companies, banks, PE/VC, consulting firms, media and others to provide comprehensive research and investment services to all investors. The core competitiveness of our research comes from a deep understanding of industrial chains and our drive to find the truth. We offer objective, independent, and articulate views based on extensive on-the-ground site visits, comprehensive analysis and forward-looking thinking.

TF Securities Research Institute offers a full range of services, including research reports, corporate access, non-deal roadshows, investment conferences, one-on-one meetings, sales coverage, and commissioned customized subject research, amongst other offerings.

Comprehensive Product Portfolio

TF Securities Research Institute has a complete set of research products and provides timely updates and reports on full range of investment opportunities.

Professional Investment and Research Services

We provide regular services such as daily, weekly and monthly research summaries, as well as company updates, thematic reports etc. We offer mid-to-long term investment views through strategic reports and in-depth industry analysis. We also cover short-term strategies via timely event-driven updates, asset allocation suggestions, and technical analysis.

Four levels of services on client demand
Level I
Research on listed companies; corporate access, non-deal roadshows, investment conference, one-on-one meetings.

Level II
Includes all level I;Value added sales coverage; commissioned customized subject research.

Level III
Includes all Level II;Staff training; high-end customer association; Private fund customized products.

Level IV
Includes all Level III;Core team members communications; TF full business chain partnership; other customized services.

Sales Team

Outstanding International Institution Sales Team

As the frontline department, TF International Institution Sales Team is a client-centric team that serves the best interests for institutional clients and becomes a hub for other business.Relying on TFI’s platform and in full compliance with rules, the team provides institutional clients with cutting-edge sell-side research service and other innovative business services.

All team members are highly professional with rich experiences. With continuous training and professional improvement, the team has become a team with market influence and outstanding track records.

Asset Management

Business introduction:

TFI Asset Management employs a multi-platform business model and provides diverse asset management services for global institutional and individual investors. We strive to become an excellent asset management company in Hong Kong. TFI Asset Management have a strong research team that is well known for its research capability in both Chinese and Hong Kong markets. Our experienced investment management team has extensive international investment experience and superior investment performance. We seek to maximize the capital value of the funds and clients' assets; and to reduce the investment risks to a large extent by employing advanced risk management techniques.

Scope of service:

We provide comprehensive asset management advisory services and products to clients, based on market conditions and client needs. Our services include discretionary account asset management and private fund management.

Investment Products Include:

Global Equity and Fixed Income Products

Money Market Products

Hedge Funds and Private Equity Funds

Alternative investments (Structure Products etc.)

CLO (Collateral Loan Obligation)

Investment Advisory

The International Business Team is a newly formed part of TF International Securities based in Hong Kong. The Team was formed to leverage the growing influence the Chinese economy and its financial markets are having on the rest of the world – and locate potential investment returns that can be tapped into.

The Team’s objectives are to be a point of contact:

for international investors seeking to better understand how to access the China marketplace;

to find investible opportunities that suit the risk profile of international investors;

to be the conduit by which investible ideas are channeled between TF Securities onshore and the international marketplace;

to access TF’s onshore platform across Investment Banking and M&A to create one channel for bringing China to the world.

We deliver value by:

building strategic relationships between global asset allocators and China investment managers;

identifying suitable cooperation based on TF Securities’ knowledge of the China corporate landscape;

leveraging TF Securities’ expertise through our highly-rated securities services in China.

We work with any institution looking to access China’s financial marketplace. Typical Clients include:

Asset Allocators like Pension Funds, Endowment Funds and SWFs looking to allocate investment capital to China and gain exposure.

Asset Managers looking to further understand China – its economy, its corporates and its alpha opportunities, in order to increase their weighting towards China.

Hedge Funds looking for diversification given China’s lack of correlation to other markets or searching for a better macro understanding of the marketplace and its influences.

Fund of Funds looking to add Chinese money managers to their portfolio to give their investors uncorrelated returns.

Insurance Companies looking to China for strategic growth opportunities via business alliances or acquisitions

We believe flow of information leads to better investment results. By combining local China knowledge with international business requirements, we are the ‘go-to’ trusted advisor for international firms with China interests. We service our clients in a bespoke, high-touch manner carefully tailored to their needs. This ‘Proactive Advisory’ approach is designed to take the mystery out of investing in, and gaining access to, China.The Investment Advisory Team is a newly formed part of TF International Securities based in Hong Kong. The Team was formed to leverage the growing influence the Chinese economy and its financial markets are having on the rest of the world – and locate potential investment returns that can be tapped into.

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